How IFA Works


How it works

Starting out, all IFAs are taught the principle of building their business step by step; first by referring 2 people to join their team, then 5, then 10 – then teach each of these people to do the same.

THIS IS THE 2-5-10 PRINCIPLE and guarantees your success as an IFA

Your key to success – and the goal of every IFA – is to become a regular monthly Earner. Once you introduce 5 Key Appointments who pay a premium in the same month, you will have established yourself as an IFA Earner, earning an income every month. Remember, when your Key Appointments have also introduced IFAs below them and you are rewarded for their efforts too. The power of IFA Earnings is that you are rewarded on 6 Levels for the efforts of your team (Downline). So, keep motivating your Key Appointments and get them to do the same. Here is what you can earn on each paid product

IMF is the winning formula that helps you build a strong IFA business and get the rewards you work for. IMF stands for: INVITE ~ MEET ~ FOLLOW-UP

To invite people start by making a list of all the people you know narrowing your list down to those who have similar goals to you and those you want on your team – they must be enthusiastic, positive, and willing to work hard. They should also be in a position to afford their monthly payment.

Meeting and connecting with your team is important. In the past, network marketing was all about face to face interaction, but these days it is possible and sometimes even preferable to meet with people digitally through the use of Whatsapp, FaceTime, Zoom and other digital platforms. Connect with your team regularly, particularly the newer members and coach, guide and encourage them to do the same with their teams.

Follow-up with those you have invited and who have viewed the Digital Presentation and encourage those who have already joined to keep working or those that haven’t yet joined to join now.

Remember to never give-up, even with those that may have turned you down. Give people information, call them, text them and keep on encouraging them.