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How it works

Starting out, all IFAs are taught the principle of building their business step by step; first by referring 2 people to join their team, then 5, then 10 – then teach each of these people to do the same.

THIS IS THE 2-5-10 PRINCIPLE and guarantees your success as an IFA

Your key to success – and the goal of every IFA – is to become a regular monthly Earner. Once you introduce 5 Key Appointments who pay a premium in the same month, you will have established yourself as an IFA Earner, earning an income every month. Remember, when your Key Appointments have also introduced IFAs below them and you are rewarded for their efforts too. The power of IFA Earnings is that you are rewarded on 6 Levels for the efforts of your team (Downline). So, keep motivating your Key Appointments and get them to do the same. Here is what you can earn on each paid product

IMF is the winning formula that helps you build a strong IFA business and get the rewards you work for. IMF stands for: INVITE ~ MEET ~ FOLLOW-UP



Every person you know and meet is someone you can invite to attend or view an IFA Presentation. Always look for an opportunity to introduce people to IFA.


To be successful in IFA connect with your team regularly. Provide daily communication and support to build your network.


After meeting with your team members, continue to follow up and encourage your network. Make sure they follow your example and introduce others to IFA.