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Clientèle Royalty

IFAs have FREE access to a one of a kind loyalty programme offering exciting monthly benefits.

Clientèle Royalty offers loyal clients FREE monthly savings & discounts on groceries, travel, entertainment, education, fashion and so much more!

From the moment you have an active DebiCheck mandate or stop order (salary deduction) in place, you automatically qualify for Clientèle Royalty and it’s easy to access – via the IFA App.

Every month you also get to try your luck on the virtual Spin & Win wheel and stand the chance to win your share of R10 MILLION* in prizes. The higher your Tier the more spins you qualify for monthly.

Your December is on Us is also back and it is now a new benefit within Clientèle Royalty. It’s as simple as it was before – you need an active DebiCheck mandate in place and you need to me all your monthly payments, and we will pay your December premium for you.

Clientèle Royalty is based on a 5 Tier model with simple entry requirements. The higher the Tier – the more benefits and savings. You move up (and down) Tiers based on payment behaviour.

These are the 5 Tiers and what you need to qualify for each Tier:

To access Clientèle Royalty download the IFA App today, and enjoy these amazing discounts and savings today!

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