IFA is the network marketing division of Clientèle Life

I joined IFA as a part time job to make extra income because I am a Civil Engineer by profession. My first earning was R350 and after a few months I was earning R8,000. Now at 29 I earn three times more than the average person my age thanks to the IFA Business.
Vuyiseka Qashani
I was invited to an IFA Presentation by coincidence and it so happened that I needed to sustain a more comfortable lifestyle. IFA has changed my life, it never crossed my mind that I would be where I am today.
Sanele Gumede
I was introduced to IFA in 2014 when I was a teacher. In 2 months of doing IFA Part time I bought a car. 8 months later I was able to extend my mother’s house. I left my job in 2015 to pursue IFA full time and now I earn over R60,000 a month thanks to IFA.
Noko Mokgohloa
We have touched the lives of more than 15,000 South Africans by exposing them to the IFA business concept. We have managed to take all our kids through university, including the USA, and have even sponsored the education of three other children with disadvantaged parents.
Prof Mampofu and Nosabata Mampofu
For us, IFA has been a God given business since we first started in 2001. Many people that we met on the streets are now seasoned networking professionals. For us, it is no longer about material things but the lives of ordinary South Africans that we have managed to touch.
Vincent Galadla and Nomputumi Galadla
In only 12 months with IFA, I was making over R31,000 a month and my IFA business has only grown since, despite still being gainfully employed. When somebody calls me and says they have received their first earnings, that is what drives me. The more people that know about the IFA brand the better.
Philani Mazibuko
Since 2001, I have been involved in this business with passion, which has afforded me the opportunity to sustain my family’s lifestyle no matter what. It is priceless to see people’s lives change right in front of you.
Thula Mafoko
Through me, people see that the IFA Business Opportunity does indeed work. I have had a wonderful journey with IFA as I watched my income grow from month to month.
Thulebona Mbhele
Today my network includes thousands of people from all over South Africa from whom I make earnings. This includes full time professionals. IFA is all about networking. The bigger your clientele the more money you make.
Monde Qotywa
I travel the world and live a comfortable life, something I wouldn’t have been able to do with one salary. It all comes down to being focused, determined and consistent.
Siyabulela Tyabazayo
I live in a six bedroom double story house in Johannesburg, I drive the cars I always dreamt of, including a Mercedes Benz AMG and Hyundai H1. I have been a shareholder of Clientèle since 2015. If you work hard in the IFA Business Opportunity today, you will live like a king tomorrow.
Wandisile Somthi
For us women, being able to take care of our families is extremely important. Through IFA, I have achieved freedom, not just financial freedom, but also freedom to use my time in the best way possible.
Nomandla Qotywa
One day I decided I am going to give this business a go ...six months later I was earning more money than I had been earning for 20 years at my job. At this point, IFA is in my blood – I’m here forever, I’m here to stay.
Louis Barnard
IFA has given me the ability to provide for my three children financially. They go to the best schools of choice. IFA is about transforming your life – anything is possible if you just believe.
Danae Schoeman
IFA has changed our lives as a family. Through the IFA Bursary Scheme, my son has a chance to get a top quality university education. This has taken a huge load off my shoulders. My son now has wings for a fantastic future – thank you IFA!
Busisiwe Jele
What attracted me to IFA is the fact that I can achieve bigger and better things than my professional life offered me. I knew that my profession was limiting me financially.
Malizole Gobe