Izindaba March 2024 Edition

New Era, New Edition: Izindaba 2024 is Here! We’re thrilled to launch the first edition of Izindaba this year! In this issue, we’ll delve into the highlights of the recent 2024 IFA Annual Awards, featuring exclusive interviews with the inspiring winners. We’ll also provide an in-depth look at the upcoming 2024-2025 IFA Competition period, outlining…

Izindaba September 2023 Edition

Catch the latest heritage edition of our Izindaba, with all you need to know from the IFA Network. In this engaging edition we celebrate IFA’s heritage and IFA’s ranking as one of South Africa’s most successful Network Marketing brands. We reflect and pay tribute to the strong and accomplished women of IFA, who attended various special presentations throughout August!

In addition, we share insights into revitalising your business this spring, ensuring your standout presence in the network, as well as some refreshing developments in the IFA business and so much more! Explore our Izindaba and read the full story today!

Izindaba July 2023 Edition

Catch the latest birthday edition of our Izindaba, with all you need to know from the IFA Network. In this thrilling edition we recap the exciting midyear and birthday bonus launches and events that IFA has hosted to commemorate 25 years of making a difference.

We also take an in depth look at the Checkpoint Rallies, where we celebrated our top IFAs, and received valuable insights from our Forum Members. In addition, we recount the amazing sights and experiences for the IFA Incentive Conference 2023, chat to a variety of individuals who have been impacted and are making a difference in the network, among so much more! Don’t miss out and read what it is all about!